The World's Best Fitness Program Available When You Want It, Wherever You Want It!  

Burn Fat and Build Muscle With Our Conditioning Workouts. 

Torch up to 1000 calories in each conditioning workout with TPE owners Beth and Kristin! You can follow along with our full-length conditioning videos in the TPE Shred From Home Program or get LIVE coaching in our zoom workouts.  Try this sample conditioning workout today! 


Build Strength and Muscle Tone With Our LIFT Workouts

Our Shred From Home and TPE Home Gym Program features amazing LIFT and Conditioning Workouts.  You'll learn proper form, tone up, and get stronger in less than an hour a day! 


Improve Posture, Reduce Pain, And Recover Faster 

TPE On Demand Features the 30 Days To Flawless mobility challenge.  Learn how to foam roll & stretch in 15 minutes a day.  Your joints and your performance will thank you! 




  • Work out for the price of a cup of coffee a day! 
  • Free strategy set up call with certified TPE coach
  • Unlimited access to all TPE on demand workouts, challenges, and courses


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